question NSYNTH

I have an important question or I can not get a clear answer because my English is bad and I do not understand some things. I want to make one, (nsynth!) …) but with the screen 7 “as google nsynth super, it’s possible ??, how does it work on the software? I can change the screen oled small by a 7” … “touchscreen”? would it work? or should we make software changes? I know that you have to make hardware changes for me just replace the screen and not use the original touch screen ?? I thank you for your answer that I look forward to!!

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Hi @aureloctopuzzle,

Thanks for being part of the GitHub Community Forum! We’re glad you’re here.

I wanted to jump in here, and mention that because you’re seeking help and information on a specific project hosted on GitHub, you might want to try getting help directly from the project repo. I’d recommend going through the project’s README for details on how to use the software and also find more information on where and how to ask for help or give feedback to the project maintainers.

Hope this helps!