question about python

I have no backround in computer programming.Why I cant add these numbers?it says invalid character in identifier.

thank you

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Hey! The error is that you are using “===”. If you delete those equal signs on lines number 2 and 5 you should be okay. 

Also, note that the words “Spyder Editor” will give you an error unless you put quotation marks around them. 

thank you veryyyyyy much.Now is it ok? I deleted >> because it was said invalid syntax again add problem 1.jpg add problem 2.jpg

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Yes, also keep in mind that if you want to see the output of something (like “2+3”) in the console, you need to print it like “print(2+3)”. If you add that you will see “5” show up on the right side of the screen in the console. 

i am very grateful to you!!!you make me feel like ease into building the base in how to programm in python.

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