Question about Github apps


I was reading Github apps documents and i was wondering that is it possible for an authenticated user to provide information of a ‘particular’ repository.

For instance, John can give permission to the app to get information (like commit details, even of a private repository).

And other users (once verified by a process through the app) can able to fetch the same information (like commit details) ; if that’s not possible; once a user have permissions on the repo on github (to read/write commits) will he be able to get the information (like commit details). Is it possible?

If that’s possible how can it be achieved, In my mind, there’s a Verify button and when John click on that button, it opens a modal, that asks for authentication (i am using vue.js and laravel).

Also i was wondering which Octokit repository should i use? (rest.js/core.js/or any other).

Sorry if this is a condensed question, i can’t figure this out for a while. If you guys have any idea, let me know.

Thanks and Regards,