Question about editing ReadMe.MD and Preview Changes

I created my first Repository. When I edited my file, I put additional information on separate lines. However, when I preview changes, the lines are not separate, but run together one after after the other. I get the same appearance whether I choose softwrap or nowrap. How do I get the text I enter to be on separate lines?

Also, the QuickStarts says that preview changes will show a green bar for text that has been added, but I see no such green bar.

Hi @nick1941

Can you check to make sure you’ve named your file as opposed to .me? If you’ve used a different extension, it won’t format it correctly.

@canuckjacq I think he is referring to this, and for me the new feature is not helpful, after all, the Preview Changes is for you to see the changes, why would you need a check button to show the changes?

please have an option to toggle that because it’s really cumbersome to check the checkbox from time to time just to see the changes that you’ve made because before it was automatic you would be seeing the changes right away, so just like this, it’s creating confusion,


Sorry, the was a typo in my question. The actual file name is So, is there another answer why the new input wasn’t on separate lines as I wanted? Also, how do I get notification of replies via email instead of having to log back in to github periodically? One more question about the edited I made the changes online in GitHub, but the changed file was not reflected in my computer repository. How do I get changes I make online to appear on my hard drive?

It’s hard to say without being able to see the file. Is it in a public repository? Can we have a look?

To pull any changes from GitHub to your local repository, you do a git pull in the repository folder on your machine.

You may find this article helpful - just read the whole way through before you do anything :slight_smile:

I just now looked at the again, and it is now showing the changes on separate lines as I entered them, as well as the red and green change bars. So I guess my question turned out to be a non-issue. Thanks for the additional info on “Getting changes from a remote repository”.