Question about Code of Conduct

Hi, I am really new to coding I just entered the 3rd month of learning. I am learning web development by my own and I have no one to help me. Because programming showed to be difficult for me I started to join forums. Recently I had a problem on a forum that I will not name, but basally I got banned from asking questions because they said that “asking questions is not a right , but a privilege” . Their motive was that my question did not bring value to their site , mind I am a bigginer, so I have bigginer questions . I read the Code of Conduct and the closest thing I found was under the section of Improve the discussion  . I did not found anywhere anything about getting suspended for asking “bad questions” or questions that already have been asked. Maybe because I did not looked deep enough but I guess this is my question . Will I get suspended if I’am asking “bad questions” or questions that have already been asked ?

Hi @codyhiii,

Welcome and thank you for being here! Congrats on getting your journey started, 3 months is solid! We do not remove posts for the reason’s you’ve listed. If your question has already been answered in a different topic we might lock the thread and allow you to take the discussion there. To prevent this you can always do a quick search previous to posting.

As long as your questions are not offtopic, they’ll be okay.  If they are not very clear, we might ask for extra details to able to point you in the right directions.

I hope this helps!

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