Question about an app - Programming language, team, equipment and many more!

Hey everyone,

I am really new to programming and I want to learn more about an app that is keep bugging me. Since I am new to programming I want to know how difficult is to program such an app and what kind of skill/programming language and knowledge I need to have or my team needs. Then what equipment is necessary? Servers, computers, etc?

The app is somewhat an E-Identification app, something like a 2-step verification of google but to be connected with businesses directly. Every business that wishes to have a 2-step verification for their clients or themselves they can install this app to their website!? The user will enter the code on the website and then there will be a pop-up to their phones with the app that will be asking the 2nd step code.

Does this make sense? if yes what should I need?

Thank you!

Who is tracking the user, their “id” and their phone #?  I.e. who is the user registering with?

What is the first code? Unique per user? Unique per user+business?