Quantify differences in image sequences


I’m looking for a program that can quantity the difference between images in an image sequence over time.

We are hoping to use time lapse images to measure the activity of tadpoles by comparing how the images change over time. Tracking the movement of individuals isn’t necessary. The tadpoles are dark and the background of the aquarium is light, however the background isn’t uniform and some of the decor items like dark rocks and foliage make it so that the all tadpoles aren’t visible at all times.

I’m probably doing a terrible job of explaining this, so let me know if you need me to clarify anything. Any and all suggestions appreciated!


@Jadedtoad Are you wanting a motion detector?

Possibly. We want to quantify the amount of movement present in an image sequence i.e when looking at 300 images how many show some sort of movement/change when they are compared to the previous image and how much movement was there. Did three animals change location or did 12 of them. We aren’t interested in tracking their paths - just are they moving and how many are moving…

Ok, that explains it. Also… I am sorry, I can not help with that :frowning: