Q on a possible missing json file [solved]

Hi, (first time user here)
I’m trying to post files to be used by microcontrollers so they can be updated automatically.
I’m following this git https://github.com/rdehuyss/micropython-ota-updater so, I created my own git.
The code to update the files on microcontrollers works and point to the git api. In the case of the author, it can clearly see a json file but in my case https://api.github.com/repos/ebolisa/micros/contentsapp?ref=refs/tags/1.0.0 is empty.
Why is that? What am I missing?

contentsapp isn’t a valid endpoint for the repository API. Are you trying to use contents? If so, you’ll need to add an existing path after. See also: https://docs.github.com/en/rest/reference/repos#contents

Though it might be easier to just use the raw URL for the file you want to get instead of going through the API. :slightly_smiling_face:

The code used to retrieve the files is correct because I’ve no problems downloading the author’s files. The problem is with my repository but, visually, I cannot detect the error.
I think the problem may be to how I upload the files as github doesn’t generate content reference.

On the other repository content/app works because

  1. contents is a valid endpoint (see the documentation link I posted) and
  2. the repository contains an app/ directory.

So I guess there’s a mix of incorrectly adjusted URL for your repository and a lack of that directory. It’s hard to say more without details at what you’re trying to achieve and the code you have.

Thanks for helping. The code I’m using is correct because it works with other gits. I’m sure the issue is with the how I uploaded the files.
The error text I get is now {'message': 'Not Found', 'documentation_url': 'https://docs.github.com/rest/reference/repos#get-repository-content'} so, there’s no json text available.
How do I generate said text? I thought it’s generated automatically when files are uploaded.