Python3.4.4 Bluetooth pybluez sock.recv

Hi guys,

I am working on bluetooth server application using pybluez lib in python. I have 2 version of python installed on my windows 7 PC (python2.7.15 and python 3.4.4) and both already have pybluez modules installed.
The program work great in python 2.7.15 but I found a different behaviour in python 3.4.4. 

In python 2.7.15, function:


waits until data is available, then step to next line if data is received. But in python 3.4.4, the data is not being waited, thus the program continously execute the next line, even if the data is not received yet.
What should I do to make it similar with behaviour in python 2.7.15?

Thanks for your help.

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