Python version bump to 3.7.7?

Hi there, it looks like python 3.7.6 was randomly deleted, in favor of 3.7.7.  We discovered this when our actions broke, saying:

##[error]Version 3.7.6 with arch x64 not found

Available versions:

2.7.18 (x64)

3.5.9 (x64)

3.6.10 (x64)

3.7.7 (x64)

3.8.2 (x64)

We sighed heavily and upgraded to 3.7.7. Unfortunately, we then got the OPPOSITE error message:

##[error]Version 3.7.7 with arch x64 not found

Available versions:

2.7.17 (x64)

3.5.9 (x64)

3.6.10 (x64)

3.7.6 (x64)
3.8.2 (x64)

Could you please tell us what the heck?  Also, is there a way we can get pre-emptively notified when python versions disappear? Or perhaps make them not disappear?


Hello @obradovic,

Are you using actions/setup-python ?
If you are, according to an answer on a similar issue, only the latest minor version is provided on runners.

You have two options: Either use 3.7 if you don’t mind about the minor version changing, or consider using the new python-versions feature through actions/setup-python@v2 ( available in v2 only ).

This feature will allow you to specify any version, if the major version is supported, and it will download it if it’s not already provided (see the readme for more informations).

You just have to upgrade to v2 and it should work out of the box. If you’re already using v2, well… I guess you can open an issue on their repository.

Hope that helped.

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