Python scripts hosting

I’m a newbie in programming. I have created a python script that calculates pension of retirees, where the user inputs the basic pension and the output is gross pension. the script runs successfully in vscode, widows terminal.
A similar calculator in javascript that I made, I can upload on blogger and a website. But I do not know how to upload the python file on blogger or website.
Searches on the internet revealed that I need a frame work like Django/flask creating the calculator.
My query is; if python scripts cannot be shared on a blogger /website then what is the way left if the users mostly use them.
2. Even if I create a calculator in Django, will it be possible to upload on a blogger or website .
3. what are the alternatives left for me ?

Installing them locally. Depending on the complexity and target user group you might just offer the script for download, create a pip package, or set up installers. Also depending on the target use you may or may not want to add a GUI.

Frameworks like Django or Flask need to run on the server. When a user makes a request they process the input and send a suitable response. Depending on your architecture you may want to generate a whole HTML site (maybe with forms), or serve static HTML and Javascript that then talk to the web application using a REST interface for the dynamic part.