Python project

I am trying to write a python program that would accept a famous quote as input and output a response using only the letters in the quote. Any advice on the best way to to go about this? Is python the best language to do the project in?

Hi @braa0805 ,

I’m not sure if Python is the best language to do it in. It depends; is that your main language you love? I’m studying Python and Django right now, and if I had to do that project in Python, I’d do it. If your main language is JavaScript or something, then you could do that in JavaScript.

If, however, you are set on doing it in Python, you can try Mosh Hamedani’s course for free on YouTube. That’s how I started.

If you would like ideas, you could maybe also add something like when a user enters a name for lets say, Winston Churchill. The program can come up with all quotes from Winston Churchill.

There’s also a course from Adam which is about building a Ask-The-Bot python program, getting the information from Wikipedia, but you can edit it with quotes!

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