Python app(py2exe/cxfreeze) not working after zipping and unzipping folder

I have a tkinter app created & I have turned it into a exe file. I tried Py2exe and cxfreeze. which works perfectly on my machine when I open the exe app.

but the problem is that after converting the code into exe app, the folder size gets too large and I cant email it to people without zipping the folder.

If I do zip the folder, after unzipping the folder the exe app wont open/work. I initially used cxfreeze but I thought it would get fixed if I use Py2exe, But I am having the same issue.

Just for experimenting, I have tried putting the folder(without unzipping) into my USB from my work computer and transferred to my personal computer, & that seems to work just fine.

Has anyone had these issues? Any suggestions on how to fix this or work around this issue?