PySimpleGUI change background color of text box according to option from menu


Is it possible to change a “sg.Text” background color according to the option that is selected in the “sg.InputOptionMenu”?
For example, if I choose the color Red from the menu, the text box background color should change into the color Red, in the user interface (PySimpleGUI).
I searched on the Internet and on PySimpleGUI User’s Manual, but I couldn’t find this kind of code.

My code is:

import PySimpleGUI as sg

layout = [
[sg.Text(‘1’, size=(5, 1), justification=‘center’, font=(“Helvetica”, 18), relief=sg.RELIEF_RIDGE)],
[sg.InputOptionMenu((‘Red’, ‘Green’, ‘Blue’, ‘Blank’))]
window = sg.Window(‘Everything bagel’, layout, default_element_size=(40, 1), grab_anywhere=False)

event, values =