PyQT5 Problem; QGridLayout how to add more than 11 rows?

I’m working on a UI in PyQT5 (a rapid UI development library in python), and I’m using the QGridLayout class. My problem is that if I try to add anything past the 11th row using the Layout.addWidget method, anything past the 11th row doesn’t show up; moreover rowCount() will simply return 11. Does anyone have any idea why?

Welcome to the GitHub community, @ZELING-Li-2! We’re happy you’re here. You are more likely to get a useful response if you are posting your question(s) in the applicable category. I’ve gone ahead and moved it for you. Good luck!

Thanks for the help!

Never mind, I figured it out, it was an unrelated mistake in my own code

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Happy to hear so - mind sharing the solution with us in case someone else encounters the same :smile: ?

It wouldn’t really be applicable to anyone else, I made a tool to automate turning an excel workbook into a pyqt5 interface and you pass in the cells as a dictionary but I forgot I couldn’t name 2 cells the same thing since the keys were the names. I don’t know if I will be able to upload my tool publicly since its for work

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