PyPI compatible Github Package Registry

That’s a +1 for me too — I would greatly enjoy not having to deploy and maintain devpi instances anymore :joy:

Any update on this request?

Hey @clarkbw is there any update you’re able to share with us about when work might start on this?


+1 - would be great to be able to publish python packages to a personal github area

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Gitlab has pypi registry.

I know @darkhipo, but we want it in GitHub too

@clarkbw Is this going to be stuck in the future indefinitely?

It’s now well after March '21, any updates?

A huge +1 from me (us) as well. Would make my life a lot easier.

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+1. It’s now well beyond March 2021 so I’m also curious @clarkbw if there’s any news.

I would like to +1 as well, as it may be easier to move forward if there are many +1s from users.

+1 from here as well, having at least some proper ETA on this would help in assessing a switch to GitHub instead of other ones that already do.