PyPI compatible Github Package Registry

+1 from me too!

We also miss Python included to use Github Package Repository over other SaaS. +1

+1 from me as well

+1 from me too

+1 from me as well!

PyPI support is what is stopping our company migrate to Github Actions and Packages. 


+1 from me too


that would be really helpful.

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+1 for PyPi (and I need 20 chars to post)

+1 From me too

+1 from me as well!

+1 !! thank you!!

Big +1 from me as well. This would be a game changer.

+1 for me, too, and pretty much our entire dev team!  Having private PyPI support in GitHub Packages would allow us to move *so* much stuff to GitHub Actions and retire so many old machines!

+1, I like this idea

+1 for me as well. Would love to see Python support

+1 from me too :+1:

  • 1, make it happen please :slight_smile:

+1 for python pypi support

+1 for python pypi support