PyPI compatible Github Package Registry


Here is the list of currently compatible formats

Python/PyPI is missing :cry:

Does github have a roadmap for the integration of Python packages into Github Package Registry?

I’d love to see that.


Hi @gregoiredx,

Thank you for being here, and our apologies for the delayed response. We have an existing request to support the pip package manager currently sitting with our Product team for consideration and exploration; I’ve added your request as a +1 to this.

Over time we will be extending the offering of services and package sources we support with GitHub Packages.

We don’t currently have an ETA on this, however you can keep an eye on the GitHub Changelog for future announcements on new features being added to GitHub Packages.


Thank you very much!

Hi @andreagriffiths11  could you please also +1 from me


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+1 from me as well. Trying to justify GitHub Package Registry over other SaaS options and it’d be nice if we could take out both NPM and Python with the same subscription.

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+1 from me too!

We also miss Python included to use Github Package Repository over other SaaS. +1

+1 from me as well

+1 from me too

+1 from me as well!

PyPI support is what is stopping our company migrate to Github Actions and Packages. 


+1 from me too


that would be really helpful.

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+1 for PyPi (and I need 20 chars to post)

+1 From me too

+1 from me as well!

+1 !! thank you!!

Big +1 from me as well. This would be a game changer.

+1 for me, too, and pretty much our entire dev team!  Having private PyPI support in GitHub Packages would allow us to move *so* much stuff to GitHub Actions and retire so many old machines!

+1, I like this idea