Pushing new branch fails to start Action CI jobs

I just pushed to https://github.com/219-design/qt-qml-project-template-with-ci/tree/macgo4

No new jobs (as of 8:28 AM): https://github.com/219-design/qt-qml-project-template-with-ci/actions

The community forum doesn’t seem like the right place to escalate what is a service outage, but I have not found a better way.

https://www.githubstatus.com/ and their twitter currently show everything with Actions is “normal” but this is clearly inaccurate (at least for my repositories).

This is also affecting a private repo that uses paid Action minutes, but I posted links above to my public repo since anyone can verify my statements that way.

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Same here… CI Pipeline isnt triggered and Pull Requests are stuck in “Check for ability to merge automatically”

Same here, github action is not being triggered on commit in multiple private repos.

Same here, github action is not being triggered on commit in private repos.

@pestophagous, @SachaMPS, @lewisje1991, @andre-hh,

When you push new commits to a branch, if you want this new push can trigger a workflow, you should make sure:

  • The workflow file is existing on this branch, and the push event has been set in the workflow file.

  • If you have set branches filter (branches or branches-ignore) for the push event in the workflow file, you also need to make sure the current branch can match the filter pattern you set to trigger the workflow.

If the problem still exists, please share your repositories with us, so that we can check more detailed configurations about the workflows to analyze the root cause.
Please don’t delete the related branches and workflow files when sharing your repositories.

@pestophagous, you seem have deleted the ‘macgo4’ branch from your repository, and we can’t check more detailed configurations from the deleted branch. This prevents us from analyzing the root cause.

@brightran the workflow file has not changed at all recently, and was certainly not changed today in any branch that I pushed. This was a service outage.

I deleted the macgo4 branch because the service resumed, and my jobs eventually ran. This was due to something getting fixed on the GitHub side. Nothing on my end (no config files, etc) was ever part of this issue.

Thank you for sharing proper workflow requirements, but that was definitely not this issue in my case.


Thanks for your reply, and glad that the problem has gone on your side.
I noticed a recent reported GitHub incident (see here), and this incident has been resolved.
I think the problem you reported should be related to this incident.

@andre-hh, @lewisje1991, @SachaMPS,
Please check if the problem also has gone on your side. Any update, feel free to tell us.

The reason was a failure on github as heavily discussed on hacker news and all around the web. Github Status told everyone that everything is operational for more than 40 minutes after the incident started… Also heavily discussed on hacker news and aroun dthe web. After 1 hour actions shich stuck finally got triggered and evreything went back to normal

Thanks for your confirmation.