Pushing image to new GitHub Container Repository Doesn't Create a Package?

I assumed this would create a new package just like the older Github Docker Repository Pushes would create. I see that I pushed successfully but do not see a new package gened?

Is that expected behavior and if so where do I find the image after the fact if I want to query it or see it somewhere?

this still shows my old Docker Package when I was using GitHub Docker Repository

@dschinkel ,

I have an example workflow includes two jobs (see here):

  • publish_to_GPDR: Build and publish imgae to GitHub Packages Docker Registry (GPDR).
  • publish_to_GHCR: Build and publish imgae to GitHub Container Registry (GHCR).

The two jobs are separate from each other and run in parallel.

If you want to only push the image to GitHub Container Registry, you can ignore publish_to_GPDR, and in publish_to_GHCR, you do not need to firstly build and push the image to GitHub Packages Docker Registry. You can directly build and push the image GitHub Container Registry. Just like you can see the all steps in my workflow.

That’s what I did. My question here is it’s not creating a Package as a result. I did the same thing you did in your GHCR example already.

@dschinkel ,

You can navigate to “https://github.com/orgs/<your_owner_name>/packages” to view the Docker package you push to GitHub Container Registry.

I don’t have an org though…just an owner. I assumed it would just show up here just like the old GitHub Docker Repository would push it to:


The docs for the new container repository are so lacking. They really should have updated the documentation better before releasing the Beta Github Container Repository IMO. There is a lot of inferred info or context that the GitHub team knows but we don’t still left out in this process. They didn’t completely think about the lowest common denominator in that section of the GitHub Action docs.

So I’m left here with “Ok it pushed it successfully it says, but where the hell is it?”

@dschinkel ,

If the Docker package is published to your user account’s GitHub Container Registry, you follow the below steps to view the package:
Your profile > Packages

If the Docker package is published to an organization’s GitHub Container Registry, you follow the below steps to view the package:
Your organizations > click the organization you want to access > Packages

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:rofl: OMG seriously? I had no idea there was a global Packages tab that looks just like the packages tab in a repo. Is that new?

Seriously GitHub Team please update your Container Repository docs! We’ve always mainly looked at a repo’s Packages tab, not global account.

3am, I’m spent, this is crazy. Time to go to bed

Thanks again for the 2nd pair of eyes @ brightran

@dschinkel ,

The docs should have mentioned where the docker images store when you publish the package to GitHub Container Registry. (see here)

Store container images within your organization and user account, rather than a repository.

yea it’s not obvious at all, they really needed to launch that beta better…that sucks.

Store container images within your organization and user account, rather than a repository

This means nothing to me as far as the actual GitHub UI. This doesn’t infer to most people “hey go to your main profile to look for the Container images!”…I mean lets be real.

@dschinkel ,

Okay, I agree that the description in the docs is too short and omit some helpful details.

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This is starting to remind me of Azure. I sure hope GitHub doesn’t create 100 places in the UI to find things like you have to hunt and do in Azure. Usability is key.

@dschinkel ,

I recommend that you can directly report your feedback about packages here. That will allow you to directly interact with the appropriate engineering team, and make it more convenient for the engineering team to collect and categorize your suggestions.