Pushing docker image to GPR: manifest invalid: Only schema version 2 is supported

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  • The limits are hard-coded. They do not  vary with your spending limits,  or support level.  e.g.Even if you’re UnlimitedEnterprise Support,  or have a fixed (and very high) spending limit, you’re capped.
  • You can, apparently,  not delete Docker images.  Which makes this whole thing remarkably goofy and useless as a general purpose registry replacement

Currently stuck on the same step.

Did you manage to delete it?

I think they must have changed their API… I am getting the same error, It’s pretty unusable. I switched to using ECR, but was hoping to clean up all the storage on the account, but I can’t even do that.

They have changed the API, about 10 days ago to be precise.

An automated cleanup script that would remove uploaded Docker images > 2 days old has stopped functioning with “Version deletion is currently unsupported for docker.”

We’re slowly running out of available space for hosting our Docker images and this change is going to require a switch back to ECR for hosting the images - the last thing I want to be working on at the moment.

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Could it be related to https://github.community/t5/GitHub-Actions/Overwrite-Docker-image-in-GitHub-Package-Registry/m-p/42266/highlight/true#M4928 otherwise the docker image registery is useless for my use case. Will try to confirm the above and report back here later today.

Did you aready got an update on that? Or does someone know if GH is planning to reenable the feature?
I really can confirm, that an image registry is totally senseless if you cannot get rid of old or outdated images.

Got distracted yesterday and Monday but just checked and can confirm that none of my images are deleted by the action that’s supposed to do so.

Reached out on twitter and got a somewhat vague response, trying to get a more clear answer there: https://twitter.com/GitHubHelp/status/1222647825269501954


Thanks for reaching out to them. Even though the error response I get when I call the V4 API endpoint, seems like it was a conscious decision to revoke the support for deletion.

    "data": {
        "deletePackageVersion": null
    "errors": [
            "type": "UNPROCESSABLE",
            "path": [
            "locations": [
                    "line": 1,
                    "column": 12
            "message": "Version deletion is currently unsupported for docker. For more on our deletion policy, see https://help.github.com/articles/about-github-package-registry/#deleting-a-package."
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No problem, this is affecting more than just us. This is also one of those things that we IMHO really need to express them what our position on this is.

P.S. Thanks for joining me on twitter in the thread 👍

Ok this sounds promising: https://github.blog/changelog/2020-01-30-github-packages-delete-private-packages-on-github/ (via https://twitter.com/GHchangelog/status/1222972263168868353).

(Don’t see the delete buttons yet, but assuming it will show up soon.)

True, but I can not see a button yet. It also says “In addition to deleting private packages through the GraphQL API […]”, and the GraphQL is actually still not yet working for docker images.

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Personally I’m using the GITHUB_TOKEN automatically added to a workflow. But I’m unsure if that includes the delete:packages scope. Will try creating one to test, but if they works it would be a really awfully scaling solution.

Ok so I’ve been in contact with support about a related issue. They confirmed deletions where disabled due to some complications, but also the support person I’ve been communicating with believes that enabling (and thus fixing the issues they had) is their next priority.

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Forgot to add this, but the suggested workaround is pushed an empty (or super tiny) image over one you want to delete so you’d at least save the space the other image is using up. It’s not ideal, but if costs are an issue this could mitigate that.

any update on this one? I have the same error now!

See: Pushing docker image to GPR: manifest invalid: Only schema version 2 is supported

It boils down to a billing issue. Haven’t had this error since

I think we’re not talking about the same thing: I ran into @aledalgrande 's issue

after following a support team advice to remove all my docker images

Ah sorry, get back to that support team and get them to fix it. It’s a known thing that if you delete everything you’ll mess it up. Not sure if they can fix it at the moment tho, last time I tried they couldn’t and I had to give the image a different name

No worries. I changed the name as well after they replied that indeed for the time being another image name is the go-to solution because currently

package names must be unique across the entire organization


To make this work, you will need to call it something other than [IMAGE_NAME] or delete the [IMAGE_NAME] images from <account>/<repository> .

They also added

This is going to change in a future version of the GitHub container registry.

Thanks for your quick replies!