Pushing an SQLite3 database to a free public repo

I plan to upload to a self-owned github (free account) public repo, a simple Python script to fetch some data from a SQLite3 database and output as a JSON. This is to demonstrate something.
Other than pushing the scripts, can I push the .db file to the repo ? It’s 457MB. Is this allowed ?

:wave: @anjanesh

You won’t be able to push a 457MB file without using git lfs.

You can set it up with a free account, and that will include up to 1GB storage and 1 GB bandwidth per month. If you are going to be making changes to the database at all, you’ll likely end up having to buy a data pack.

1GB bandwidth per month - so on the free tier, only 2 other people can download the sqlite db file in a month ?

The database will remain static but I intend on public downloads for others to download to connect to from the script.