Push to another remote

Hi there,

is it possible to push to another remote repository using GitHub Desktop?
I using my own GIT server, set up a repository on it as well as a remote in my apache web directory.
Menu Repository > Settings says:

Primary remote

Assuming there can be a secondary?
I want to be able to push on my live webserver, not the origin.

If GitHub Desktop does not support other remotes, is there any GIT client you may recomment?

a git repo can have multiple remotes that it pushes and/or pulls from, and with the git cli you can push to or pull from any of them easily.


I don’t know if GitHub Desktop supports this, though.

@Michel-0 thanks for the question! At this time GitHub Desktop does not support multiple remotes outside of origin and upstream (if you are working with a fork). We are tracking feedback for this in multi-remote support in Desktop · Issue #1442 · desktop/desktop · GitHub – please feel free to drop your request there as well. I hope that helps!