Push Specific file extentions from child directory

Hello guys,
I have an issue with github actions and azure blob storage.
I have a folder, called modules, and inside there are multiple folders that contains a .json file. Now all i need to push to my container, are just those json files without their parent directories.

so i wrote this:

az storage blob upload-batch --account-name ${{ env.BLOB_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME }} -d '<storagename>' -s './<folder name>/<sub folder>/*' --pattern "*.json"

And it works as it does deploy my json file to the container, but this works only on one directory, if i add more directories, my github action throws as error:

UnrecognizedArgumentError: unrecognized arguments: <modulepath/filename.extention>

Sorry to bother with basic questions but i really cannot find how to apply this to each sub directory.

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