Push history of repository

Is there any way that I can get the push history of a repository that I have on GitHub?  I have navigated to the Security sidebar in my user profile, but this only lists the last few months.  What I would like to see is the entire Push history of a repo right back to when I first created it.


Actually, I’m beginning to think that this was a dumb question.

If I do a “git log origin/master” I see a history of all of the commits in the repository, and the way that those commits got there was via a push, so a “git log origin/master” gives me a history of the pushes as well, doesn’t it?

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There is the Github “dashboard” (e.g. https://github.com/dashboard) which when logged in shows a history of pushes, merges etc.

Organizations too have a dashboared - is that what you wanted?

When I go to the dashbaord, I see a history of “commits”, but pushes are not mentioned at all.  I think though (as I said above) that the only way that a “commit” makes it into a remote repository is via a push, so it amounts to the same thing.

I personally am also interested into this kind of information. Seeing the history of commits does not help you with finding out when you made changes public. My main intention is to derive a change log from my GitHub history. 

Locally I might be working on various features which result in commits over time. At some point I decide to merge and push my changes to the repo. Now I can see the history of my commits online but I cannot derive anymore that at this date I pushed a certain feature/change to the repository. 

I do not need a fancy UI, I’d be happy already if I can get this information again via the GitHub API. A list of pushes to GitHub (with time and user) with the related commits that were pushed. That’s what I’m hunting for. 

I saw in the GitHub enterprise help that the information should be available. There it is part of the “Security system” for admins. Any chance that this is available for your own repository? 

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I very much would like this as well… as a teacher, to know when my students push to the server (not just commit locally. Once they finally do, I see their commit history, but not when it was pushed. This is a constant problem when grading. I just posted about it here, but am still scouring the web looking for solutions.

Ok scratch that!

The dashboard link above by @korporal does give you that…

Very sorry, I’ve been looking at the Audit Log of a GitHub Classroom organization forever, but that info isn’t there. Perhaps this information was added later.

Thank you very much!