Push event without any ref update

A developer noted that a build kicked off twice even though he only did one change, so I started looking into the web hook log and I found something odd. I have this push event that has the same before and after hash (a commit that was present in master long before).

Anyone know what could be the cause of this? I’m not able to recreate it. Maybe it has to do with the git client he was using - Visual Studio. This is part of the log:

"ref": "refs/heads/master",
  "before": "e5c3555cbba730dc5f3c0c65a722c20423c874f1",
  "after": "e5c3555cbba730dc5f3c0c65a722c20423c874f1",
  "created": false,
  "deleted": false,
  "forced": false,
  "base_ref": "refs/heads/feature/foo",

Without the extra context of the full push event, it is hard to say. My guess would be:

  1. Given that the base_ref is refs/heads/feature/foo
  2. Given that ref is refs/heads/master
  3. Given that forced is false
  4. Given that before and after are the same hash

that someone pushed from their local feature/foo branch to the remote master branch but that didn’t actually move master. Since there was a push though, the push webhook triggered. But that’s just a total guess at this point.

If you’re saying that a push occurred and a push webhook was triggered, it sounds like everything is working properly even if the webhook content looks strange. Is there some concern you had?