Push all commits at once

Is there a way to simply push all changes once each repo has been properly committed?

eg. When you commit a repo set of changes using the desktop app you have to go and click the push button each time for each repo.

Is there a way to commit changes to each repo then optionally click a “Push All” button?

Hi @don-trxnow - welcome to the GitHub Community.

GitHub desktop doesn’t support pushing changes up to multiple repositories at once. This would increase the risk of inadvertently pushing up changes incorrectly, so might cause more problems in the long run.

There are ways of doing this using bash scripting, and there are a number of blog posts out there where people share how they do this. I’ve not personally done this, so I can’t share a specific method I’m afraid. However if you do find or create a script that works, feel free to share it here for other users!

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