Push account Permission errors


I’m a git newbie, but an old school front end dev, retooling after several years away from things, and trying to get to grips with things. I’m having an issue trying to push my first repo to github and hoping someone can help.

I have git installed (as well as PuTTY, git bash, git tortise and god knows what else) and I was set up for doing some git stuff several years ago by a friend and work colleague. Now at the moment when I’m trying to do my first push to github:

git remote add origin <my github>/learn_git.git

git push -u origin master

I get two errors:

remote: Permission to <my github>/learn_git.git denied to <friends user name>.

fatal: unable to access 'https://github.com/tylerjekraft/my_git_project.git/': The requested URL returned error: 403

I’ve checked everywhere I can think of or that google search has suggested to and it’s my name and email address set in git for the project…

git config --list

shows me that the user.name and user.email are my name (first and last with a space between, but this is different than my github account) and that the email is the same as used for my github account.

As well the https url that I’m using is C&P from github, so it’s not incorrect, and the repo is public… so I don’t understand why it’s giving a 403

I feel stuck and not at all sure what needs to change for me to push and keep learning. Any hep would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve solved this - it was an issue with saved/stored credentials by Windows. Once deleted everything worked fine. (I don’t know how to remove this item)

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