Push a folder to repo

I created a folder in my repo and tried to push it, then I got the below warning:

after pushing, I checked my remote repo and the folder is not openable. Any suggestions on fixing this? Thanks a lot.

The folder I uploaded now looks like this. I cannot open it on my remote repo.

That looks like you have a broken submodule configuration. You always talk about adding a folder though, so maybe you didn’t actually want a submodule and just ran git init inside the folder by mistake?

Well I am actually not sure what a submodule is… I don’t think I ran git init in that broken folder. I just uploaded it from my laptop to my lab’s server

The error message clearly indicates that there is a Git repository (with a .git/ directory) inside your stockfish_12/ directory, wherever it came from. Maybe you copied an existing repository?

A submodule is a way to reference another repository inside a repository, without duplicating files between them. For details, see:

How to fix your problem depends on what you actually want, if you want to have a stockfish_12/ directory without any special treatment you just need to delete the .git/ directory inside it (not the one in your repository!).