Purples + Blues on new colorblind mode are too similar

Thanks for making a colorblind theme! Super useful. Only thing is, the blues and purples are WAY too similar now and I have trouble telling them apart. The open PR and merged PR have tripped me up and I’ve tried looking for the merge button on a PR that’s already merged. For me, the reds and greens weren’t too hard to tell apart except in certain lower contrast cases, or when they were right next to each other with translucent backgrounds. I fully support the change to blue/orange to better distinguish, but purple needs to change as well to make it work. Green, orange, and purple probably could be fine, especially if the default green got a bit darker to help distinguish the green and orange.

For now, I have to disable it even though I’m pretty red/green colorblind. Would definitely try again after the blue/purple mistake is fixed. Thanks!


Ineed some who help me can i get that one😍

I have severe green blindness and the merged/open indicators look almost identical to me. I’m also not happy with all the colors just being different instead of more distinguishable hues/shades of the regular ones because this completely breaks my intuitions from 10 years of using the normal color themes.

This theme feels like it was created without the input of actually colorblind people. Trying to address all forms of colorblindness in one theme is probably a bad idea given that blue/yellow blind people have very different needs from red or green blind people. Maybe GitHub can get a hand from the MS a11y team next time?

(Also the dark theme is too harsh on my eyes, which is why I prefer muted, but there’s no colorblind version of that. A11y needs intersect, they don’t cancel each other out.)