Pure Black Dark Mode

Maybe it’s just me, but I really prefer a straight up black high-contrast theme. Basically the thing you get in a lot of mobile apps to work with OLED screens. Just a pure black background, and really dark colors to contrast it.

Just a thought…


I agree. I wouldn’t go to that extreme of making it a very high contrast theme with white text and outlines just because it gets very annoying to look at for most people, but having a black background substantially increases the contrast of everything else on screen.

I agree, but it depens on the lighting that surrounds you. Maybe they`re better to add like a few modes with different backgrounds like ibooks has or something similar to it, that would be really awesome.

Thanks everyone for sharing your feedback! Our first higher contrast theme was focused on accessibility but have received quite a bit of feedback from the community on a pure black / OLED friendly theme that sits somewhere between dark mode and high contrast mode. I’ll take this back to the team to discuss