Pull-requests search returns incomplete results

I currently am looking into old pull requests of tgstation/tgstation repo. For example, this query should return every PR that has been merged 2019 May 16 through May 20: Pull requests · tgstation/tgstation · GitHub And it looks like the query does return matching PRs.

But, for example, the search result has omitted this PR for me, which has been merged on 2019 May 18: Reworks AI backup battery system slightly, and allows (un)bolting while on backup at heavy power cost by zxaber · Pull Request #43952 · tgstation/tgstation · GitHub

I wish my query returned every PRs that matches the criteria…

Hey @park66665—welcome to the Community!

This type of problem is usually seen when the repository search index is out of sync, and will often resolve itself within 24 hours (as a result of a background reindexing job for the repository having completed successfully).

I’ve taken a look at your example (thanks for providing that!) and it appears that the issue is no longer occurring. If you are still facing this problem, I recommend opening a ticket with private support—they’ll be able to run through additional debugging steps with you, and manually trigger a repository search indexing job if needed.

Cheers, Vanessa.

Thanks for letting me know how and why it happened. I was concerned by this issue because I worked as a maintainer at a project related to the project I provided as an example. (I since resigned due to health issues)

Sorry for late reply. It is great to hear that the problem is resolved now.