Pull request with conflicts

I would like your advice about pull requests with conflicts… github tends to select a linear history that have the flaw to discard important master commits… This seems to me like an annoying bug that can give problems just as loosing important work without approving agent notice that.

Is there any github option that allows to block pull requests that don’t allow automatic merge?

The only solution I found was to require linear commit history:

But I would prefer not to be so strict and allow pull requests without linear history that allow automatic merge.
Is there any way to achieve this?

Hi there! :wave:

This isn’t possible just using GitHub on its own, but I think you could accomplish it by using a third party CI tool such as Travis or CircleCI to examine the PR and only approve it if it can automatically merge, make your default branch a protected branch, and enable required checks:


I wonder if anyone else in the Community has a more elegant lightweight solution? :thinking: