Pull request vs request to pull latest changes to server?!

This has come up several times in my professional experience to laughable/scary effect, but sometimes someone will say “pull request” and someone else thinks they mean "to run git pull", and vice-versa.

Does it really make sense to call a “merge request” a “pull request” when “pull” is already used to merge (or fast-forward) local branches to origin changes?

A pull request is literally a “request for a user or organization to pull changes into their repository”. Since the commits in question are (often but not exclusively) in another repository, the operation that occurs is a pull, just like when you execute a git pull to get the latest changes from a remote repository to your local one.

Since a git pull consists of a git fetch operation and a git merge operation there would be some cases where “merge request” wouldn’t be entirely accurate just as there are some cases where “pull request” isn’t entirely accurate.

I hope that helps!