Pull request title auto-formatting Jiras? Not sure if this is intended or if I should contact GitHub

When creating a new pull request, the title is taken sometimes from the branch name, sometimes from the commit message. I think it’s based on if a PR is made from a branch with multiple commits (so it takes the branch name), but when the title is taken from the branch name, the JIRA numbers gets auto-formatted in a way that’s not consistent.

For our commits and branches, we format them like this:

Commits: JIRA-1234 Do something

Branches: JIRA-1234_do_something

The title taken from the commit message looks the same, but from the branch name:

Jira 1234 do something

Removing the underscores is fine, but I don’t like how the project name is titlecased and the dash is removed. Is there a way to prevent or control the auto-formatting from the branch name when there are multiple commits in the branch?



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