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+1000 for this feature

In the html console for My array with a focus on one element input to bubble all other array results that are empty and have to be calculated, as array value corresponding strings of text based on calculations of a corresponding string as text sole input. I put a new element.value = My new input element.value:

function GenerateAnswers(); { flower.value=“1234567FunandYes8910FunAgain”; [flower, Rollercoasters, Playstation, Marvel, Trophy]; Rollercoasters; }

(I pressed enter for the console to only display rollercoasters.value and only got an undefined or “” instead of specific string text answer I wanted, then I did a small change and all I got was “”. The rest of the HTML elements are readonly textfields that are empty regarding string text. I want to fill the entire array with the computed answers with just the one input to the array element using the html console. How do I result the HTML array with input in each of the array elements individually just using the HTML console?

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How do I make an html browser console calculate one user input to fill entire the array with formatted strings as text, using single different inputs and different full array answers every time?

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@tansaku wrote:

+1000, for this feature

Indeed this is very good feature. Lovin it


Why can’t we get some sort of Q2/Q3/Q4 projection on this?

A feature like this one would be greatly appreciated indeed

One more +1 from me.