pull_request_review doesn't update PR status checks

I built an action at https://github.com/artis3n/signoff-new-commit and am testing it at https://github.com/artis3n/signoff-new-commit-test.

This PR is showing as failing: https://github.com/artis3n/signoff-new-commit-test/pull/2

However, under the repo’s Actions tab, I can see the latest Action triggered by that pull request was green: https://github.com/artis3n/signoff-new-commit-test/actions

The passed run in question: https://github.com/artis3n/signoff-new-commit-test/commit/661bcc5ab5e6b460c0231cd8b84a1f94289c63fe/checks?check_suite_id=396650597

This run is triggered by pull_request_review whereas the status checks in the PR are triggered by pull_request. Why does the pull_request_review workflow run not update my PR and show a passing status check?

The workflow is pretty simple:

name: Sign off on Commits

on: [pull_request, pull_request_review]

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

      - uses: actions/checkout@v2
      - uses: artis3n/signoff-new-commit@master
          token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}

Based on @ethomson 's comment https://github.community/t5/GitHub-Actions/Github-Actions-as-Status-checks/m-p/36153/highlight/true#M2458, it seems I can’t update the pull request status check from a pull_request_review trigger. It would be really great if I could.


Any update on this? github action is really missing a feature to allow re-running actions and status checks for changes, so considering the fact that we can’t re-run on changes in the base branch, then re-running on comments is the next best thing