Pull Request Not Updating + support.github.com/contact not working

I have a particular branch which I have submitted a pull request on. I pushed a new commit to the branch today and from what I understand this is supposed to update the pull request with this new commit. However, I did push the commit during the time Github was in red status and experiencing connectivity issues, and although the branch was updated on the website the pull request was not. Is there a way to fix this without creating a new pull request?

I tried sending this question through the Contact Us Link on support.github.com, but whenever I hit submit it would just bounce me to the same page to submit the request again, so I sincerely apologize since it is likely most inconvenient to be posting a question like this here.  This issue may also be related to the red status Github was in earlier today.  Thanks!

Hi, support is now working and I was able to send the question through the support link.  Thanks!