Pull request isn't updating with new commits

Hi, I’m having trouble with this pull request: https://github.com/tlecomte/friture/pull/207

At the bottom of the page, it’s telling me

Add more commits by pushing to the master branch on imyxh/friture.

but I did push a second commit, and after 20 minutes it still hasn’t shown up yet in the PR? Anyone know what’s up here?

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Cool bug?

I can’t see any obvious reason for this.

I’d file a ticket to:


I had same problem with Status Widget #429 by Anton-V-K · Pull Request #430 · traccar/traccar-client-android · GitHub - second commit didn’t show up even since 12+ hours, so I had to close this PR and open a new one.
Were you able to resolve your issue?
Reported as Second commit doesn't show up in Pull Request · Discussion #10767 · github/feedback · GitHub

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I tried reproducing it just by now and had no issues,

I have my main repo at my personal account then forked it at my own organization, created a pull request, then updated it, and it’s included at the pull request which was created prior to the update,

just make sure that the branch you used to create the pull request is the same branch you are updating,

or else, yup, if that seems to be a problem, you can always contact them,

Were you able to resolve your issue?

Nope! This is weird and probably going to be hell for GitHub to debug. I don’t see anything suspicious in common with our two pull requests. Thanks for filing the issue.