Pull Request + Github Actions = 99% done, then "Waiting for status to be reported"

We have a CI workflow that works pretty well for many months, however very recently we have started to encounter issues where PR’s are stuck at 99% because there is a lonesome disassociated action that never finishes running.

Here is a perfect example: Ignore this Pull Request (for now) by AlexMax · Pull Request #256 · odamex/odamex · GitHub

This only happens with pull requests. The name of the action that never finishes is actually not even named anywhere in our workflow files - we have a “Build (CentOS 7)” but not a “Build (CentOS)”. I’m not sure where this other one is being picked up from.

To make matters worse, attempting to push to this branch is now resulting in rejected pushes:

(cannot lock ref 'refs/heads/<my_branchname>': reference already exists

A picture of that error is here: https://puu.sh/HseNK/03a9b94ccf.png

Hi @AlexMax, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! I’ve taken a look at that PR but I’m not quite sure where to look for your issue I’m afraid. I don’t see a check called Build (CentOS). Can you point me to exactly where you’re seeing it? Or perhaps you have a newer example that’s still open?