Pull Request "Flair" for repository owners?

When anyone submits Pull Requests against our codebases, we expect them to address all Pull Request feedback from members of our Github Organization, who all are all Admins in the projects.

When independent developers submit PR’s, sometimes it seems unclear to them whether feedback is somewhat arbitrary “community” feedback, or feedback from someone from our team that needs to be addressed. I was wondering whether there was any way to visibly “flair” the user for feedback from repo admins to provide contributors with better clarity. I’ve searched around but didn’t find an obvious way to do so.

We use Code Owners internally, so that’s helpful when it overlaps but we wouldn’t want to add, say, everyone on our team as Code Owners everywhere since that would eliminate the value of the feature for our standard development workflow.

I don’t think such a ‘flair’ is available as of now (you could propose it!). Anyway, does working with explicitly marking those PRs with a Changes requested review?