Pull_request event on pull request with non default base branch


I have set up an unit test workflow which runs on pull_request event.
Everything works fine even for forked private repositories.
I have now a PR which is done from a forked repository to a feature branch in the base repository. The action is not triggered. Is this the intended behavior? I tried to get info from the documentation: https://docs.github.com/en/actions/reference/events-that-trigger-workflows#pull_request and google
If yes is there a workaround to have the workflow run ?


Hi @david-gang,

Could you please check below points firstly?

  1. Workflow yaml exists in the forked repository, and pull request event configured.
  2. Check the branch name, make sure it’s correct in pull request.
  3. Did you add activity types for the event? eg: closed, reopened.
  4. Did you add branches/branches-ignore filter in the yaml?
  5. If there are any conflicts in the pull request? If there are, please resolve the conflicts otherwise the workflow won’t be triggered.

If all looks fine but workflow is still not triggerred, please kinldy share the repo for further investigation.


Checked the whole list. I did not find an issue. I will contact enterprise support and get back if there is anything interesting to share.

Got it!

And please also have a check with below setting(captured from organization repo setting), enable it for a try.


Hi @david-gangm,

How is it going? Is the issue resolved? If it still persist, could you please check organization setting-> actions-> Fork Pull request workflows setting?

customer support is still investigating