Pull request closed even doesn't fire

Hi, we’ve been trying to replace our old Jenkins pipeline with Github actions. However, we can’t make the pull_request closed event to fire. All the other events are working fine.

This is what we have on .github/workflows/prcleanup.yml:

name: PR Cleanup  
      - closed


We’ve added this to both master and the specific PR branch. However, no matter how many times we click “Close pull requeste” we can never see the workflow being started on the actions tab.

Is there a way to debug why a specific even doesn’t run?

Whether the PR is opened from a forked repository based on a private repository.

Note : Workflows do not run on private base repositories when you open a pull request from a forked repository.

More details about Pull request event, you can reference here: https://help.github.com/en/actions/automating-your-workflow-with-github-actions/events-that-trigger-workflows#pull-request-event-pull_request