Pull Request Activity Types

I’d like to trigger an action (a build) on a pull request when it’s “ready”.  Of course, ready is hard to define, which leads to this question.  I could just wait until someone requests a review of a pull request, but sometimes people request reviews of draft pull requests to get an opinion, and my instinct is to not build draft PRs at all.

Most of the time when a pull request is opened, we could build it, but it sounds like draft pull requests go through opened right away, so I’m not sure there’s a good way to filter these out. I’d also like to build PRs that are updated with new commits, so I’m guessing that would be synchronize?  I suspect edited is only for the PR metadata itself, rather than for new commits being pushed, so I suspect I don’t care to trigger on these.  If my suspicions are wrong and someone knows these activity types better than I do, I’m happy to hear it.

So, for someone like me who wants to build PRs when they’re created or updated but ideally wouldn’t build draft prs, I’m guessing my only real options are:

  • opened and synchronize (which would cover draft PRs as well as non-draft)

  • review_requested (which might solve some draft PRs if no reviews are requested, but would not build PRs for which no review request gets made).