Publishing to github container registry buildx: no response

I can run this job numerous times and whatever container is last to build and push will fail with a no response error, see the build:

Each time, since the build order is random, a different container will fail to push. First it was opensuse-leap container, then it was our ubuntu-20.04 container. This seems to be some type of intermittent issue in, but I could be wrong.


You can try directly using the related docker commands in your workflow to build, tag and push the images to the GitHub Container Registry.
For example:

If the problem still exists, there may have some issues occurs on the GitHub Container Registry. If so, you can contact GitHub Support about GitHub Container Registry using this contact form.

If the problem occurs only when you use the action for Docker (docker/build-push-action), the problem should be on the actions. If so, you can report an issue the appropriate engineering team for further investigation and evaluation on the repository of this action (see here).