Publishing to a different subdirectory within gh-pages

Note: because I’m a new user, I can only limit two links per post. References to two other URLs, referenced as [3] and [4] are in the first comment.

I’m reviving an old project, [1], which somehow two years ago I managed to publish to [2].

Now that I’ve done whatever to get it working again, I can publish it to its default location, which is [3] (read the first comment.)

I checked whether I had a gh project at [4] (read the first comment.)

Is [2] out of my reach? I can’t even figure out how to delete it – (which I don’t want to do, by the way.)

To be honest, most of this is probably something I should ask about in an Angular support group, but if you’ve got any idea, I’d be grateful.

URLs I couldn’t include in the original post.

Aha, I do seem to have a private user project. This makes a lot of sense now.