Publishing the branch takes a long time

Hello. I’m new to everything here and is currently undergoing this kind of a tutorial program of Github. I finished an issue called “Getting Started with Github #1” but is currently having a problem with “Your first contribution #2.”

I followed everything on Step 4: Creating a Branch until the end where it says to Push on Source Control. It’s taking so long and I figured something must be wrong. There seems to be some synchronizing going on and since I’m still new, there should be few things to synchronize and everything shouldn’t take this long. Did I do something wrong or is this normal?

I hovered at the bottom left of visual studio code where a loading icon is next to ‘my-slide’ (branch name) and there it said, “github-slideshow (Git) - Synchronizing Changes…”

The bot from the issue say’s it’ll respond when it detects a new branch has been created in the repository. It’s still not responding and I don’t know what to do.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

I guess you’re working with one of the GitHub Lab tutorials? Could you share the link to your tutorial repository or the issue you’re currently working on, so people here can take a look and see the status there?

oh sorry, here it is.

Thanks! I can see there is no recently pushed branch in your repository, so it looks like the push operation failed in some way. In my experience pushes show up in the web interface within seconds.

One thing I’m wondering about: How did you authenticate the push operation? The repository is public so anyone can clone and fetch, but pushing requires authentication. Did you set that up before? Or was there any request to authenticate?

I don’t use VS Code myself, so I’m not sure where to look for debug information in there.

I just followed the instructions listed on the issue. Btw, thanks for answering!
When I tried to Push earlier, a pop-up showed saying that “The branch ‘my-slide’ has no upstream branch. Would you like to publish this branch?” Maybe that was a hint on an error.

I don’t remember anything about authentication. If I understood this correctly, all I did on the previous steps was to have a copy of my online repository locally on my computer so I could open it using VSC. And then pushing means I upload it back to the online repository.

That’s fine. I appreciate the replies. :smiley:

Maybe I need to learn and understand a few things first. I have a tendency to just follow instructions and not fully understanding the concept behind them xD

I saw that pop-up mentioned in the instructions. Did you say yes to that question? If not, that’s probably the problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s what “cloning” does in Git, yes.

Correct. The thing is, you need to authenticate to push. After all it’d be bad if GitHub let everyone push to your repository, right? :wink: On the command line you need to provide either a Personal Access Token (if using HTTPS) or authenticate with a key (if using SSH). I’m not sure how it works with VSC, I hope it’ll ask.