Publishing multiple nugets from dotnet core project to github packages

There seems to be no proper way to publish multiple nugets from dotnet core project to github packages, or even to just rename a single nuget from the default project name.

The instructions for nuget setup mention that by default, a nuget is published to a repo named the same as the nuget package. So for example if my organisation is named  Acme , and my dotnet project is called  Foo , then github will attempt to publish the project to the github package registry at This works fine if my github project is named the same as my dotnet project, but breaks down as soon as I want to differentiate them, or want to publish multiple nugets from one project.

The proposed solution in the documentation is to use a  .nuspec file with your specific package id and a line with the following:

<repository type="git" url=""/>

This forces GPR to push it to the correct repo.

However, the default way to create nuget packages is no longer to use .nuspec files. The instructions clearly mention putting your nuget package information in the csproj file.

Ultimately, github would by default push the package to the current repository if run as a github action. A solution that would work more broadly however, would be to let us specify the github repository to push to in the csproj file instead of in a nuspec file. I have so far found no information about how to put this reference in the csproj, and introducing a .nuspec file adds all kind of problems in building the nugets for me.

Am I simply missing an obvious way to solve this with a csproj file, or is this not actually possible without resorting to using .nuspec?

Here is an example repo where I want my nuget to be named differently from my repo: