Published GitHub pages stopped opening since April

Hello Please who else is facing this issue and already found solution . For almost 2 years , the websites I published on GitHub pages was working fine until recently … It stopped and I’ve tried looking for the cause and how to get it working again BUT I COULDN’T. is it like github stoped the service permanently or what ?

I also tried to follow the “what action should I take” in this article below and still I couldn’t get it to work. Pls help.

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Welcome @TopmanTech! Let me see if I can clarify for you.

is it like github stopped the service permanently…

The change in the referenced blog post is that we’ve stopped redirecting GitHub Pages sites from * Any sites you had on Pages still work on *

As an example, before that change if you typed in, it would automatically redirect to Now you have to go to directly, as no longer redirects you automatically.

Nothing was deleted and the service is still running. In most cases all you have to do is update your URLs from <user> to <user>

Hope that makes sense!

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Yes it does. Changed some links and it now works. Thanks :grin: