"Publish to Marketplace" checkbox no longer appears - can't update Action with new release

I released an Action on the Marketplace a while ago and updated it a couple of times:



I’ve just drafted a new release but the “Publish to Marketplace” checkbox is no longer present so I can’t update it.

I have no idea why.

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Normally, when there is a new release version in the Action repo, the Action in marketplace will update to the latest version automatically.

For your issue, could you please try to click on the Delist button in the marketplace page? 

Then you can go to your action repo , there will be “Publish this Action to Marketplace” message . Please draft a release and publish it to marketplace again, can you see the new release in marketplace then?   

Hello @yanjingzhu,

I don’t think I should have to do this, but I gave it a try anyway.

I delisted the Action from the Marketplace. The message appears on the repo homepage telling me to draft a release:

Upon clicking ‘Draft a release’, there is still no option to publish it to Marketplace:

I even drafted the release to see if it did anything, but it didn’t.

So I still can’t publish the updated Action - and now my Action has disappeared from Marketplace completely. That is what I expected to happen when you suggested doing this.

Please could someone look into this more closely as clearly something is wrong on your end? I published my Action no problem a few weeks ago and there is no obvious reason I can see why I shouldn’t be able to update it (or now publish it afresh)…

@alstr Could you please check whether you could see the publish to marketplace checkbox in your other Action repos? Is this issue just happened in “todo-to-issue-action” ? 

For you getting support from engineering team directly, you could contact github support. https://support.github.com/contact 

@yanjingzhuIf I create a new repo it will let me draft a release and publish to Marketplace.

I don’t want to do that though. I want to retain the existing repo.

I have contacted GitHub support but no reply as yet.

I’ve got a similar issue, except I don’t see the checkbox at all. Even on new repos. Hopefully this is a temporary thing, I’ve also reached out to GitHub support but it’s night time at HQ so I would image an email response would show up sometime Thursday/Friday.

Looking forward to seeing answers on this.

@alstr @pqt  Sorry for the unhappy experience you’ve met. I found an internal ticket which reported this “unable to publish to marketplace” issue. And engineering team is working on it now. When there’s any good news, I will update here at the first time. 

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Good to know. It would be nice if there were some more indicators of successful recognition of the repo being a correct sequence for being an action in the future (just feedback that can maybe be passed along)

I checked, rechecked, re-rechecked and made a couple whole new repos with formats just to try and get an option to show up.

I’d love something like pages where you have a settings section where you can conveniently apply the modifier that this repo is slated for the actions marketplace or something.

If there’s a better feedback channel let me know and I’ll send it there instead.

Hopefully this isn’t too delayed, currently a big need at work!

@pqt I would recommend you to share your ideas in the Feedback form for GitHub Actions

I had the same issue; turned out I had a YAML error. Pasted my action.yml in http://www.yamllint.com/ , fixed the error and the marketplace release buttons start appearing again.

Good luck!

In the end the GitHub team had to perform a manual action to make the buttons reappear. Last I heard they were still investigating the root cause. :man_shrugging: